Kaïli is a reflection of a dream.

A mixture of cultures, colors and sensations. Everything was born from a basic idea, which has been transformed for two long years. Created with a lot of love and thinking about each one of you. Traveling around the world has been one of the claims,

Why not join millions of designs in only 4?

But what if, apart from a bikini or swimsuit, the modernity of the tattoo incorporated in it was added? Could we create a new concept?

Our idea of ​​the hearts incorporated in the panties is a true reflection of how fast you can mix both fashion and innovation. Nowadays, who does not want to catch the memories of a trip?

This is the origin of the idea of ​​Tatto Bikini, a reflection of the moment you are living, wherever you are. A small detail that is reflected in your own skin. Each line of the collection has a different meaning:

  • Serenity, shows the energy, harmony and simplicity of the forms.
  • Jolene, reflects that shy and at the same time crazy girl, with whom any of us could easily identify.
  • Laïa is the most sexy and comfortable spot, with bright colors so we don´t go unnoticed!
  • And finally the star piece, Almahera, a combination in a single piece which reflects the whole for us, because if you want to wear it with jeans or shorts ... Hey, you can be the queen of the party!

From our deepest heart we have taken care of every detail to leave you more than satisfied. We want Kaïli not only to be a bathing suit, we want it to be a new experience which you never forget!

And now I ask you: Do you dare to follow this way with us?